Print Methods

Letter Press

A luxurious print technique where metal plates are used on an antique machine to “press” the ink of choice into the paper. The machine is hand-fed the paper and operated by an artisan specially trained in this craft. Letterpress can also be used with foils to achieve the look of light ink on a dark paper or without an ink for a “blind” deboss. Best for designs with 1-2 colors only.


One of the most expensive forms of printing, copper plates are etched with the invitation design, inked, and wiped clean, so that the ink is only left in the indentations. High quality cotton paper is then pressed against the plates, leaving firm, raised text. The telltale sign of engraving is the bruise left on the back of the paper from the heated plates. Best for designs with one color only.

Flat Printing

A common form of printing, using digital or offset machines the design of your choice is inked onto the paper. Our most inexpensive print method, the ink is flush with the paper, leaving it neither raised, or indented to the touch. Best for designs where multiple colors are used for a vibrant appearance.


Raised printing developed as a less expensive option to engraving. Ink and powder resin are combined to result in raised printing with a shiny appearance. Best for designs with 1-2 colors only.